Forklift fork FD30 lift fork Toyota komatsu Nissan fork

  • We supply all forklift forks from 1 tons ~ 6 tons. 

Forklift fork FD30 lift fork Toyota komatsu Nissan fork

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    forklift fork
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    Payment Terms:30% TT in advance, 70% TT again
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    Orders at small quantity will be shipped by air within one week, while at large quantity will be delivered by sea within 15-30 days.
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We supply forklift fork with 1~6 tons forklifts for Toyota, Nissan, Komatsu, Mitsubishi, TCM, Yale, Hyster, Hangcha, etc.There is forklift fork with good quality in gzsycc.com,we can supply any forklift fork you want .

Forklift fork above tonnage size(unit:tons/mm)

2T 120*40*1070
2T 120*40*1220
2T 120*40*1370
2T 120*40*1520
2T 120*40*1670
2T 120*40*1820
2T 120*40*2000
3T 125*45*1070
3T 125*45*1220
3T 125*45*1370
3T 125*45*1520
3T 125*45*1670
3T 125*45*1820
3T 125*45*1970
3T 125*45*2120
3T 125*45*2420
4T 150*50*1070
4T 150*50*1220
4T 150*50*1370
4T 150*50*1520
4T 150*50*1670
4T 150*50*1820
4T 150*50*1900
4T 150*50*1970
4T 150*50*2120
4T 150*50*2420
5T 150*55*1070
5T 150*55*1220
5T 150*55*1370
5T 150*55*1520
5T 150*55*1670
5T 150*55*1820
6T 150*65*1370
6T 150*65*1520
6T 150*65*1820

In addition to the above tonnage size, If you need more detailed information, Please feel free to contact company customer service.Your inquiry is greatly welcomed, and we will be very glad to serve you at best we can!

Forklift fork FD30 lift fork Toyota komatsu Nissan fork

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